Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I apologize for not posting for a while. Have been in the hospital with my husband and did not have a way of getting to this site. My husband has liver disease and will need a liver transplant in the future. He has had to long trips to two hospitals and had some bleeding that caused Hempathic Encephalopthy and the second time just a few days after getting home from the first he lost all of his counts (red blood, white blood and platlette and ANC). They are very low and none are in normal range so his liver is very far gone and the spleen is destroying his platlettes which the body uses to clot when we get cut. Would apprectiate your prayers and praying all of you are doing well and walking with the Lord.
We were given many opportunities to wittness for the Lord and to fellowship with several believers at the hospital (medical staff and those who draw blood and housekeeping even). God blessed us abundantly.
One night as I was feeling lonely for fellowship with our body of believers at Calvary Chapel, a man named Major came in to draw my hubby's blood and we fellowshiped with him and sang praise and gospel songs and felt like God had brought Church to us. He is an amazing God and loves us so much. Thank you Lord for all Your tender mercies and Your abundant Love, Amen

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