Monday, March 12, 2012

Just a quick note today to let you all know how we are doing.
After two hospital stays in a very short time we are home and my hubby has been resting and getting stronger and challenging himself to do more each day.
I have been finding reasons for us to go out to do things and keep him somewhat active and get his mind thinking of other things besides his health.
We have been doing our taxes, going to church (we go usually 3 times a week and then have Life Group meeting here at home as well), medical visits and shopping. That is about all I can get him to do so I feel he has a short way to go and he will be up to his 100% though going back to work will be when the Dr's (two) agree he is ready.  He is taking his medication and we will see in the next couple of weeks if they want to change any or just increase dosages.
We know we have been blessed to have made it through these last two hospital visits and we had some wonderful medical personal at both hospitals who took great care of him and were very gracious to the both of us. We felt the prayers and still feel them of those who showered us with their love and prayers. It is wonderful to have so many who love us and keep us held up in prayer for strength, healing and peace and for the guidance of those who have medically taken care of us.
This month is the anniversary of losing some loved ones over the past couple of years. Two years ago our oldest Grandson died of a freak heart problem, last year our 5th daughter died of cancer and a few days later my Step-Mother died as well. The Lord has seen us through all of these and others through the year. My hubby lost his oldest sister a few months after we lost our daughter so the family has been through a great deal.
We look at these times and yet we know the Lord has been there through all of them with us and has carried us through and given us His glorious peace. We praise Him and glorify His Holy Name. Thank You Lord for all You do to help us through all the things You allow us to go through. Amen

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