Thursday, March 15, 2012

An update from the home front.
Hubby is not doing as well as we hoped at this stage and we sure could use prayers for his recovery and the will of Our Lord.
He is extremely tired and doesn't have any energy. Because of the toxins that go to the brain (not all can be cleared out because there are too many) his thinking is sometimes confused, forgetful and just not cognitively there. He chills easy and falls asleep all the time. He is still on the liver transplant list and unthinkably the last to hospitalizations actually lowered his meld score which they use to determine when he should have a new liver.
With the toxins in the brain he sometimes suffers depression which is not his normal state yet with the Lords help I am able to cajole and humor him out of it most often or reassure him I will be okay when he is called home.

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