Sunday, March 18, 2012

Genesis 1:26-29, James 2:5, Ephesians 1:13, Romans 1:1-32, Hebrews 11:1-13, Genesis 3:15, Hebrews 11:39-40, 2 Peter 1:3-4, James 1:12, 2 Peter 3:13, 2 Peter 3:4-9, Psalm 119:123; God's promises are trustworthy, have faith.
A promise is only as good as the person who makes it. Someone has observed: "America is always a land of promise during an election." The political candidate who promises jobs and a utopia but can't deliver; the bridegroom who promises lifelong commitment, then is unfaithful to his wife; the soldier who pledges loyalty to his country but goes AWOL--all demonstrate that promises can be empty.


God promises, however, are never empty. They are totally trustworthy. It seems like you can find gracious promises on almost every page of His Book. Though many of His promises are already completed, there are loads more yet to be fulfilled. God made promises to the first couple as soon as He created them, assuring them of His provision and His purposes (Genesis 1: 26-29).When they broke faith with their Creator and sinned, their future seemed hopeless. But God promised them a Savior (Genesis 3:15). And His promises endured and flourished down through the generations of Old Testament history. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and others received promises from God, assuring them of a wonderful future, although they often didn't see the fulfillment during their lifetimes.
Now is a good time for you to take your Bible and turn to Hebrews 11:1-13. Note especially verses 8-10 and verse 13.
  • What was Abraham's response to God's promise (11:8)?
  • What was Abraham looking for in the future (11:10)?
If Abraham and others didn't see the fulfillment, what good was the promise? Well, God's promises are the soil in which faith grows. Look at Hebrews 11:13.
  • Does it say they died hopeless? How did they die? What had they seen in the promises God gave them? How did it make them look at this life?
Why does God delay the fulfillment of many promises? Read Hebrews 11:39-40 very thoughtfully. What does it say about "us," we who also wait in faith?


Because of the birth and ministry of Christ Jesus, you, as a believer, share in God's promises. Try to find the promises that include you in each of the following verses. Jot them down.


The psalmist expressed something in Psalm 119:123 that all believers should look for--the final outcome of our salvation. Memorize this short verse from the ESV:
"My eyes long for your salvation
and for the fulfillment of your righteous promise."
And read 2 Peter 3:4-9. Our Lord is coming! Are you ready?
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My comments: A good study is to go through the Bible and see how many promises God has given.  You will find pages and pages filled with verses of God's promises. You can place them in categories or topics or who they were to and why yet His promises always come to pass because they are true.
He promised we are saved if we accept His Son's Sacrifice on the Cross. He accepted the payment for us for our redemption and salvation. How glorious is that? To know He loves us sooooo much and made all this sacrifice possible so sin would not stand between He and us just seems huge! What other father would sacrifice his son for you or me or for the world for all time? None but the Lord and He did it once and for all. His word tells us that. You can trust His word because He has proved it time and time again in history.
He loves you and me and the whole world of sinners and wants us to be His. Amazing! And all we have to do is accept it and we are washed clean by the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ. We become the adopted sons and daughters of the most loving and merciful Father. The one who promised to love us forever if we would accept His Son as Savior and believe on Him and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I chose to, and I pray you have made the choice as well, and if you have not I pray you will open your heart and mind to the God of the universe. The God who created everythiing, you and I, and loves you and wants you to be His.
Won't you accept Him now friend and let Him come into you and have a loving relationship with the Father and such a Father. He is like none other. If you have had a sweet Daddy he is sweeter still. If you have had an absent one He will never be absent. If you have had a loving Daddy he will be more loving and if a cruel one He will be tender. If you have had an attentive Daddy he will interact with you more and as much as you want and if you had a one who gave the wrong kind of attention He will be gentle and always truly loving and kind.
Abba Father I pray You will open hearts and speak Your Word gently into hearts today. Give peace and strength to those in need of Your loving kindness and bestow mercy and trust and help build up faith in these hearts today. In Jesus Holy and Precious Name, Amen

In Him who is without guile,

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