Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A message from Cross the Bridge Ministry:
The highest price ever paid for a slave was human life. And it was paid... for me. I was a slave to sin and my Heavenly Father, in His great love, mercy, and grace, sent His only, beloved Son, Jesus, to earth to give His life for me. The blood of the very Son of God paid for my redemption. Because He died, I live.

But that gift came at a price. Jesus traded a life without suffering, tears, and pain for a life that would result in the most painful form of death: crucifixion. He faced down every demon in hell to defy death and rise from the dead and declare you and I free...

Jesus didn't ask much of us when He saved us. He asked us to come just as we were--a sinful mess. All He asked is that we believe.

How can we receive this amazing gift and then keep it to ourselves? It was given to us to give away...

Who do you know that needs the Lord today? Let their names come to you as you pray. Go to the Cross the Bridge website to send the list to me.

On Good Friday, our ministry team will be coming together for a time of fasting and prayer. As we reflect on the price Jesus paid for us, we want to pray for the salvation of your loved ones. Would you let us pray for your loved ones?

Every day we are on the air preaching the Gospel. Will our voice be the one that leads your loved ones to Christ? Perhaps. But more importantly, I am confident that as you sow into a ministry focused on evangelism, that God will see the burning desire of your heart to see your friends and family saved.

The price has already been paid. It is finished.

Will you send me your list of names to 'Prayer for the Lost' today? I hope you do.
Pastor David McGee

My Comment: I have been an online prayer warrior for this ministry for a bit of time. I have placed all my loved ones on this prayer list and encourage all to do so to have more people praying for your loved ones. If you are not saved please place yourself on the list and many loving people will be praying for your salvation. If you have other needs for prayer you can also, contact them and they will all be praying for your needs and God's answer to your prayers.
I have found that prayer is a great mover and it brings us closer to the source of all power- the power of God- the power of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
My prayer is all be saved. Amen

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