Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hosea 3:3, Love God, forgiveness, obedience.

Hosea 3:3
"And I said to her, 'You shall stay with me many days; you shall not play the harlot, nor shall you have a man-so, too, will I be toward you.'"
In the book of Hosea, we see a glimpse of God's relationship with Israel. Just as Hosea married Gomer and desired to love her and keep her from adultery, so it was that God loved Israel and desired that they be His alone. Unfortunately, Israel chased after other gods which lead to their exile. Instead of grasping the amazing love that God had shown to them, Israel turned their back on their very hope of salvation.
Friend, we all are like Israel. We are born into this world sinful and by our actions, we display hatred towards God. The good news is that God's love is not based on our behavior but on His character. He is love and therefore He made a way that we could be saved. When we trust in Jesus for salvation and seek His forgiveness, we can find rest. Not only that, but God gives us power to live for Him so that we can demonstrate our love for Him by obeying His Word. What a blessing it is to love and be loved by the God of all creation. May you know His love and may your life be changed because of it.
Life Lesson: We show our love for God through obedience.
Dear God,
Thank You for the love that You have shown to me through Jesus. Because of Christ, I have hope of heaven and power to live the abundant life now. Father, help me to walk in obedience to Your Word so that others may see my life and glorify You. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Living to tell what He died to say,
Pastor David McGee
My Comments: In here I see many things the Lord God is using this story to teach us and forgiveness is important and following the will of God because we Love Him, is the most important.
I can not imagine a man being told to continue to go after a prostitute (do not kid yourself, we all prostitute ourselves when we follow after false god's or the things we want. We sell ourselves for a bit of bobble) and bring her back and keep her (obedience) and told to forgive and love her. Yet the Love that comes from God, does that. The Love God places in our hearts when we accept Him as our Savior gives us the strength to Love completely, not only God yet others as He loved us. His love enables us to do this. It is amazing the Love He has for us!
God continually comes after us and pursues us and loves us even before we give ourselves to Him. And when we give ourselves to Him, He is faithful to forgive us all our sin. Christ took it on Himself on the Cross. It is not ours anymore. We are free. We have forgiveness because He first loved us.
I remember when I was younger and did the things I wanted to do. His presence pricking my conscience and chasing me. I was certain I knew Him yet when I truly came face to face with Him I could no longer lie to myself. It was then I became His and His alone. I did not chase after false gods anymore I only wanted Him.
I pray many will say "Yes" to Him today.
Abba, Father may Your Name be praised and glorified on earth as it is in Heave. May You received the adoration You are due and I pray Father that many will turn from their own desires and turn to You and receive the Love You have for them through Your Son, Jesus Amen.

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