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Psalm 56:13, ESV, Psalm 119:105, ESV, Psalm 73:2,17: When we slip and fall He delivers us.

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It's not difficult to walk on a sidewalk under normal circumstances. However, it's a little more difficult when the surface is coated with ice. And it would be almost impossible if there were hundreds of ball bearings covering the concrete. Balance and stability are adversely affected by anything that prevents reliable traction. We need a sure, solid surface to make any headway when we're walking.

Life is like that too. We need sure, solid footing in our lives. How do we keep balance and stability so we can keep moving forward in life? For the Christian, two things provide a solid foundation.


"For you [God] have delivered my soul from death,
yes, my feet from falling,
that I may walk before God
in the light of life" (Psalm 56:13, ESV).

1. What is the first thing that provides Christians with a sure footing?
2. Why is this done?

The Psalmist also tells us a second thing that keeps Christ-followers from falling:

"Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path" (Psalm 119:105, ESV).

3. What is something else that gives us stability when we walk?
4. How can you apply this verse to your life?


Falling down is no fun--it hurts! You can end up with broken bones or other major damage. And what is true physically is also true spiritually. Falling spiritually can damage not only our own lives but the lives of other people.

That's why in a world of spiritually slippery surfaces (jealousy, lust, hatred, etc.), it's vitally important to maintain your relationship with God and His Word.

In Psalm 73, the psalmist realized he was about to fall. He said,

"But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled,
my steps had nearly slipped" (verse 2).

He was envying the wicked because of the easy time they were having. But notice verse 17 says,

"Until I went into the sanctuary of God;
then I discerned their end."

When the psalmist went to God's house, he was able to refocus on God and His Word. It was then that he got his sure footing back again.


Are your feet ready to slip? Make it a point to go to God's house this weekend. And while you're there, focus on God and His Word. Make it a true worshipful experience. When you come home, write down what God has said to you. How will this keep your feet from slipping?

 The Bible Minute studies by Woodrow Kroll of Back to the Bible Ministries

My comment: Our God is always willing to save us when we stumble, fall or walk away if we but turn to Him in humiliy and repentance and confess our sin and trust in Him. He loves us. This just blows me away that one so pure can love one such as me. He is my example on how to love others, and forgive others. Because of how He has and does love me and has and does forgive me I am free to love and forgive others and embrace the unembraceable.
He loves you and will forgive you if you but ask Him. He gave His only begotten Son to die on the Cross for your sins and mine and there is nothing you or I could do that He would not forgive us and has as long as we accept His Son's sacrifice on the Cross. If you have not asked Him to be yours then please do so today. Ask Him to be yours and He will not deny your humble request, When you do you will find He leads you to His body of believers and He will nurture you through them and His word.

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