Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A bit about me

I thought maybe before reading my blog people might like to know a bit about my walk through life. I find knowing where people have come from helps me to understand things about them.

I was born on an island in Alaska and am of Alaskan Native and Caucasian heritages. I was born into a Greek Russian Orthodox family with Priests on my Dad's side from his GrandFather on back.
I married the first time when 18 and the second time at age 29. I had 16 pregnancies from age 19 to 42 and 12 of them lived. One passed on at three and a half months and one at 39 years of age.

My first husband left with a teenager while our 6th child was a premie in the hospital and I waited 5 years for him to come back while I raised our 5 girls (We had lost our first son to SIDS when he was 3 and a half months, he was our 3rd child).

By this time I was in a Catholic Cult called the Soldiers of the Euchrist. I eventually divorced my first husband. Then I met and married my present husband of 35 years and we had 6 more children.
After 20 plus years we left the cult and joined the Episcopalian Church where with his Catholic upbringing and my Orthodox traditional background we were comfortable until 10 years later when they started allowing things as same sex marriages and priests who lived that life style. We also, did not have much Bible reading in a good Bible translation nor did we in the Cult either.

By this time the Lord had put His call on my life and just before 911 in the midst of great tribulation in our family the Lord called me to be His and I said "Yes Lord, Yes".  We were bankrupt, we lost our home, new van and moved to the ocean to live in a shack with black mold. Yet the Lord had us in His hands and sent us to college, he brought us to Calvary Chapel where we finally heard the truth of the Lord and the full word of God as He set down in the Bible, and David came to the Lord's saving grace. Now we live to serve our awesome God (this was written before the passing on of my husband and best friend of 36 years).

I have been though many trials in my life and learned many lessons. From a young age I was raped, molested, beaten and abused yet though I did not know the Lord Jesus as my personnal Savior I did know God loved me and that He took care of me through all of the things the world sent my way. He sustained me even when friends, family, babysitter did these things and even my first husband. Even though him bringing in a teen to be a second wife and telling our children she was their mom as well. Even though miscarrages and a cheating husband and a cheating dad He was there for me. I believed my self to be a Christian through it all. I didn't have any one in my life to tell me God's truth so the Lord upheld me as I went through many things until one day watching TV, I learned what "Born Again" was and learned the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked Him to come in and dwell in me. My life is His and He is mine and I pray He is or will be for you as well.
After accepting Jesus my life did not become a bed of rose petals. My parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends, cousins, Grandson Sons-in-Laws and others passed on and left my life. My wonderful second husband suffered with illness for years and did not get the medical help he should have received passing from cancer in 2012. I have been beaten and degraded by family members. When my Son passed my Dad accused me of harming him and when my Step Dad passed my Son accused me of harming him. They were hurting yet they inflicted pain on me at a time I was very vulnerable. Yet through it all and more God was there and carried me through, comforted me as I turned to Him. He never refused to hold me tight. He never promised to stop pain or suffering yet He said he would be there with me in the midst of it and He always has been.

I pray my prattling will somehow help and give solace. My story is not meant to harm anyone nor point fingers but to show how God in His infinite mercy can and will be there for us even when we and maybe especially when we go through horrendous things and times. Take heart beloved as Jesus loves you and calls you to Him. "I pray you say, Yes, here I am Lord, I am yours."
In Jesus, Holy Name, Amen

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