Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God is our strength

When we are weak He is strong. 1 Corinthians 2:3, 1Timothy 1:16, PSalms 46:1, Psalm 84:11, 1 Peter 5:7, Isiah 41:13, Ephesians 2:14,Psalms 119:147, Psalms 4:8, Psalms 105:4, Psalms 50:15. 
The following portion is from Cross the Bridge Ministries with my comments following as usual.
1 Corinthians 2:3
"I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling."
Paul is being very honest in this verse. He is not trying to make himself look better than he really is. He isn't covering up his weakness. In fact, in 1 Timothy 1:16, Paul proclaims that he is an example of God's long suffering. He is not a perfect man but a perfect example of God's loving-kindness, grace and mercy.
At times, Christians act like we don't have any problems. The problem with this is that it leaves an impression to those who don't know Jesus. They see Christians pretending they are not messed up and assume that since they still struggle with problems, they don't belong in church. In doing so, are we proclaiming God's goodness or our own?
We need to proclaim God's goodness by being open about our problems and proclaiming that it is the goodness of God that saves! That's being real. It's real life, demonstrating the real love and real hope of the real God. In your weakness, the Good News of Jesus Christ is made strong.
Life Lesson: We should be real with people and not portray some 'False Spirituality'.
Dear Father,
Thank You for loving me. Thank You for the forgiveness of my sins and for giving me the opportunity to experience life more abundantly. Lord, thank You for revealing Yourself to me through Your Word. I want the offer of joy, hope and peace that only You can give. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Living to tell what He died to say,
Pastor David McGee
My Comments: It is easy for a Christian to get in the wrong mode of saying things are going well and not confiding in other brothers and sisters for fear of being thought of as not strong enough in our faith or thought of a a complainer. We mistakenly believe that when we accept the Lord and believe on Him we no longer will have and problems in life and if we do we must be doing something wrong or at least people will think that of us. If people think that they are well steeped in the word of the Bible. We are told we will have health, money or even safety issues (to name a few). What we are also told is if we cast our cares on Him, He is strong enough to help us through them.
There is a name it and claim it mentality going around in some "Christian" churches that is not upheld in the Bible and people with that mentality look at other Christians who experience difficulties of hardships lack faith in God and lack faith in their salvation. This is very much against the Word of God as He has set forth in the Bible. I say for shame to those who profess to being a Christian who place this burden on the shoulders of someone already having a hard time.
One time all of my children (had five at that time) and myself were suffering illness and needed help from our church (I know now it was not a true church of God). When the Priest got there he told me the reason we had been experiencing so much sickness; and things like our washer and dryer breaking down and having to be one welfare; was because I must be doing something wrong. My husband had committed adultery, left us (at the time he left I had one new born child a preemie in the hospital), illness (even a broken tail bone), machines breaking down etc and all of this was because of me, according to him. He was of the belief I was not being a good wife, mother or not praying hard enough but he was sure it was me. This brought me to my knees and more prayer. I learned by God's own words that it was not me. God allowed me to go through this time so I would know that people say things and throw stones and God will be there with me and bring me through by His own strength. When I am weak He is strong in me. I have to get out of the way for Him to work in and through me.
My second husband is very ill and is terminal. We do not fear his death as we are assured where he is going when he passes from this world. I know I will see him when I pass on so I am not troubled by his change of residence though there will be sorrow and I will have to learn to live life in a new way yet I know God will be in me and with me continually and He will give me His peace (Ephesians 2:14) that passeth understanding.
Now those who have walked with the Lord and matured in His love know He will help us to go through this life and all that happens here (Psalms 119:147, Psalms 4:8, Psalms 105:4, Psalms 50:15) as we call on Him and trust in Him which I do. I agree with Pastor David that we need to share with other believers (not in depth usually) what is going on in our lives and ask for their prayers and when we are ask to pray for others or others tell us of their problems we need to remember God has all the answers and He does not call us to judge why someone is going through the situations they are allowed to be in. It is however, an opportunity for us to pray for and come along side others in the body as Jesus moves us to do. It is an opportunity to show unbelievers and even new believers the love, strength and body of our Daddy who has made us His children through the Cross of Jesus the Christ (Christ means Messiah). 
Abba, You know the things we are going through. Sometimes we bring things into our lives by the choices we make and sometimes You in Your wisdom allow things to happen in us and our lives (as with Job). We trust You Abba to be in us and with us who have accepted Your Son Jesus' gift of righteousness He obtained for us on the Cross. We know You will take care of all who call upon You with sincerity, trust and faith. We call upon You in the days of our troubles and we have trust You will hear us and go with us through the fires and tribulations of life. Help us to reach out to the body for help in times of need. Help us to ask for prayers as well as emotional and physical help with trust in You. Show Your strength through our weakness and though like Christ we ask if this cup can be taken away like Him we also say, "Not our will but Yours be done."
Let us not pretend we are perfect and that life is perfect and let us not suffer in silence but learn to reach out and let others come along side of us and may we go along side of others who are going through situations in their lives. May we laugh with them and cry with them when the time comes. You are our strength. We have none of our own and if we rely on our own we will eventually come to the end of our strength. Your strength never ends nor are You ever weak. Keep us in Your strength.  In Jesus precious and Holy Name, Amen

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