Monday, April 30, 2012

John 17; Obedience/Discipleship, Read His Word.

Being from Nebraska, I'm automatically expected to be a devoted follower of Nebraska football. But if anyone asks me, I say, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, "I'm a fan, but not a fanatic." What I mean is that while I enjoy watching the games, I can't, for instance, name any player on the roster let alone his stats for the last two seasons.

When it comes to being a Christian, I would hesitate to call anyone fanatic--that word has a negative connotation. Fortunately, the Bible has a much better, more positive word to describe a devoted follower of Christ: disciple.


What does it take to be a disciple? Let's look at Jesus' description. In John 17, Jesus prayed specifically for the disciples. "I have manifested your name to the people whom you gave me out of the world. Yours they were, and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word. Now they know that everything that you have given me is from you. For I have given them the words that you gave me, and they have received them and have come to know in truth that I came from you" (John 17:6-8, ESV).

To be a disciple you need to know Jesus. That's the first step; but, unfortunately, many people never get beyond that step. They recognize Jesus and even put their faith in Him, but they never take the next step towards being a disciple (kind of like me and Nebraska football).

To be a real disciple, you not only need to know Jesus, you need to know and keep His Word. Jesus said, "and they have kept your word." This is where a lot of us stumble. There are a lot of people who claim to be Christians and probably have made a genuine confession of faith, but they know next to nothing about the Bible.

And to be a really effective disciple, you have to read God's Book.


Start by reading the rest of John 17 and think about the following questions.

  • What challenges did Jesus know the disciples would face in following His Word?
  • Why was Jesus confident the disciples would be able to overcome these challenges?
  • What does Jesus pray for the disciples that would come later?
  • Why is it worth it to be a disciple and not just someone who knows Jesus?


The Bible's not as intimidating as you might think. Instead of one large book, think of it as 66 smaller books--and almost half of them (27) can be read in less than 15 minutes. As you read your Bible, ask God how He would have you apply what you read. Ask Him to show you how to be a true disciple.

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My Comments: When I was just finishing 7Th grade, I went to Alaska to live for a short time with my Dad’s parents. My Granddad had been sick with cancer and he wanted to see me. I was given a room upstairs for my stay and felt quite grown-up with my own room as my sister and I had always had the same room.

I knew my Grandparents went to church a lot and wanted to please my Grandma whose Dad had been a Priest until he died, so I purposed to read a chapter of my Bible ever night. I started at Genesis and was progressing nicely when one night my Grandma called up the stairs and said “Rebishka, what are you doing up there with the light on so long in the evenings?” I replied with pride, “My Bible Grandma.” When I was done for the night I shut my light out and went pleasantly to sleep with the Lord's Prayer on my mind.

The next day when I came home from school my Grandma sat me down on the couch in the quiet living room and proceeded to talk to me about how much and why I was reading my Bible so much. Then she told me of twin sisters when she was younger so only read their Bible day and night they read it and one day some men came and took them away because they had gone crazy.

She did not want me to stop reading it just to not make it only what I lived to do. I still continued to read a chapter a night and eventually finished the Bible and found I loved the Words and believed what they said. I especially loved Revelation and at that time I though I understood what all the symbolism meant. Of course I did not yet from then on I loved reading the Word, hearing the Word and talking about the Word yet it has been a long time learning the meanings the Lord has in His Word. I wish I had stayed committed to reading it as much as I did then for the rest of the time until now. I am sad to say I did not yet the love of it remained and as I grew older the call of it pulled me back to them.

Every story that has ever been written is contained in those 66 books of the Bible written my authors that did not know each other and yet speak the same all through out because they are the inspired words of God the Creator of the Universe and our Creator as well.

I still love Revelation and now Daniel and Job and Ezekiel as well as all the rest though I am fascinated with the end time prophecies through out the Bible the most. I love reading of the love and forgiveness of God through His Son Jesus and the promises He has given us. I love reading of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and especially the Words He spoke Himself. I pray you will as well.

Abba Father, I pray You will guide us all as we read and study Your Word to show ourselves approved. Grant us the guidance of Your Holy Spirit to teach and give us understanding of Your Word, Knowledge and Wisdom of Your Word and hearts to accept Your Words. In Jesus’precious Name. Amen.


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