Sunday, August 5, 2012

 Abba God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are all of us on a journey. Some take the journey alone or feel they are alone. Some try to walk the walk with those they know or meet. Some choose a better way. The Way of the Cross and walking with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Son of God the Father who loves us so very much He sent His only son to earth to save us from our sin.

When I was younger I thought I had a walk with the Father and knew the Son had saved me from my sin yet never asked Him into my heart to be my intercessor with His Father. I went from the Russian Orthodox way of worship to a Catholic cult to the Episcopalian way of worship and finally Abba got my attention and I heard and asked His Son to be my Savior and accepted His sacrifice for my sin. I have been filled with the Holy Spirit and been on a wonderful journey and walk with the Father of Love.

How has your walk been? How is it now? Where are you on your walk and understanding? I would love to encourage you to read the Word of God and let His Holy Spirit fill you with His understanding and knowledge so you may if you are not one with the Lord, you may accept the righteousness of Jesus as yours. You may claim the Resurrection power of the Lord God when you accept His truth. He will fill you with His truth, faith and love and this will free you from fear except the fear of losing His joy in you. All other fear is not of God and therefore should be cast off. Put on the full armour of the Lord and do not fear the world because once you are His the world will not have any power over you.

If you want prayer or have questions please feel free to contact me here. Unfortunately my husband is very ill and I do not get on here very often so if you need help sooner I would suggest contacting the two Biblical sources I use here on the site. Back to the Bible Ministries and Cross the Bridge Ministries. Both are very Bible based as are the Calvary Chapel Churches who are always willing to give help where it is needed and to especially pray for and with you for salvation.

Abba You have been wonderful to us and have given of Yourself in a way we can only understand in a limited way even those of us who are parents. Father we praise and glorify you and place into Your hands any who read this blog. Give all a hunger and thirist for You word and fill them with Your understanding and knowledge and grow wisdom in them as they persist in reading Your word and come to know You and all You have done for and are doing for them. You are the one true God, three in One who loves us and always helps us the way that is best for us and all concerned. Keep us from all evil and help us to flee temptation. We pray You come quickly and we and all we love are planted firmly at the foot of the Cross with our root planted in Your Word and our limbs bearing much, much fruit. May we hear "Well done, good and faithful servant" as we leave this alien world and enter into our life with You. Abba You are our one true God and we worship and glorify Your Holy Name and seek to bring You honor and glory. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen

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