Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Run to Christ, rely not on your own understanding.  John 13:37, 1 John 1:9, 2 Timothy 2:13-14

Are you like Jesus' disciple, Peter? Or are you more like Judas? Now, first of all, when I ask, "Are you more like Judas?," I'm not asking, "Are you the type who would betray Jesus?" And I'm not asking, "Are you the type who would disown Jesus in public?"
I'm asking, how do you respond when you have messed up? Do you respond like Peter or Judas?


There's one constant among all human beings: we're all sinners. We've all disappointed God. In this regard, we are all like Peter; and we are all like Judas.
But there's another constant to consider. Paul, in his second letter to Timothy tells us, "If we are faithless, he remains faithful--for he cannot deny himself" (2 Timothy 2:13-14, ESV). That means God always keeps His promises; His faithfulness is part of what makes Him God.
So, back to our original question: when faced with your own unfaithful tendency in the light of God's unwavering faithfulness, are you like Peter or more like Judas?
Peter must have felt very ashamed because he disowned Jesus--especially after boldly declaring he would die before he would desert Jesus (See John 13:37). But when the resurrected Christ appeared on the shore where Peter and the others were fishing, Peter couldn't make himself wait until the slow boat returned to shore to be in the presence of his Lord. Soon after Peter reaffirmed his love for Jesus.
Judas also felt remorse for his actions. But instead of going back to the ever-faithful God, Judas took his own life. He chose to ignore the faithfulness of God


Too many people spend their time dwelling on their own faults. But instead of bemoaning our faithlessness, we should be praising God's faithfulness. If you've been wandering away from God lately, be like Peter and return to Him. Don't let the devil convince you that God could never love you again. There isn't a person alive who hasn't disappointed God in some way. Today the choice is yours: either dwell in your misery or rejoice in God's faithfulness.


First John 1:9 tells us, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (ESV). If you have been unfaithful, confess it to God. Confession means to admit to God that you've sinned against Him. There is no other way to experience the forgiveness, love and joy of God your Father. 
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My Comments: Have you met people who say they rely on God yet when they do something they know (or should know) is displeasing to God, they find excuses or turn away from God? Sometimes we can all be like that yet if we are truly His we will realize our wrong and turn to Him for forgiveness.
I love thinking of King David and the times he turned from the truths of God and relied on his own understanding. He caused the death of someone who loved him, stole a wife of another. Caused pain and death for his own people and household yet when confronted by God he did not try to find excuses for what he did. He owned it and repented. When I mess up or sin or displeased God my Savior I try to turn to Him quickly and repent and ask Him  to make me new and totally His.
I think Judas felt bad not because he did wrong. I think his was because he did not get what he wanted and his hand was shown up and he was so full of himself he was in misery from self pity and lack of remorse and had shown his hand so he could not take it all back. I see people like this all the time.
These people sin and their sin is brought to light and instead of turning to God who would forgive a contrite heart, they feel bad for themselves and become self destructive, they dwell on their own understanding and not His. Some turn to drink, drugs or promiscuity or something else and if they would just turn to God they would not need those things or anything or anyone else or would they need to hurt themselves or someone else. Our peace is in God. Our forgiveness is in and from God. His cleansing makes us whole and as His we can overcome all things. I am so thankful for His sacrifice, forgiveness and righteousness and that each day is new with Him.
Abba all glory be unto You for all You have done for us. All praise be Yours for Your unending forgiveness and love. Help us Father to listen to You and when we wander and sin guide us back to You and help us to be like Peter who when chastised by Jesus ("Get they behind me Satan") turned from his own understanding, who when he denied Jesus quickly went to Him whom he loved rather than run away. Let us never run from You but run towards You who are the source of all our strength and who give us understanding, knowledge and wisdom. In all things we pray to You Abba through Your Son Jesus. Amen

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