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Acts 22:2-3
"Then he said: 'I am indeed a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, taught according to the strictness of our fathers' law, and was zealous toward God as you all are today.'"
My Comments: Many of you have read my past blogging and know my story yet I think I would like to put it in as concise a way as Paul did his testimony. I encourage all who are Born Again, to try to do the same. If any would like me to elaborate I will if asked in the comment area or a private message.
I was brought up in a very Traditional church with many very strict rules, guidelines and rituals much like the Jewish of Paul's day. I was very zealous toward God all my life. I never had a time in my life I did not feel close to God. I knew who the Father, Son and Holy Ghost was and I was certain I was going to Heaven because I had confessed my sin to a designated person in our church like the Jewish people who had animals sacrificed for their sin and went through a man I went through a man to be forgiven (and had been Baptized as an infant) and thought I was, until I met Jesus on my "Road to Emmaus."
I realized I was a sinner who was in need of the Savior Jesus Christ and just before 911 happened I asked Jesus to be my Savior and come into me and He did. I have never been the same since. Even in adversity I find Joy in the Lord because I am saved and know when I leave this place I will be at home with the Lord. 
That is my testimony and here is a little background for those who do not know.
I was not one who changed quickly or overnight it was gradual.After accepting the Lord as my Savior I was still in the cult with my husband and children though we were on the fringe and prayed in our home. It took my 13 year old daughter inviting me to go to the church where she attended a youth group, for God to bring me totally out of the cult. The Lord delivered me from the cult and a year later delivered my husband yet I still did not know all that was meant as I did not have a true teaching or a true Bible which is the Word of God.

 My husband was not Born Again for many years and then only after listening to a good solid Bible teaching Christian radio station (CSN) and going to a solid Bible teaching Church (we attended Calvary Chapel) for a few years. Both of us grew in the Lord together doing all the Lord asked of us until the Lord called him home a couple of years ago. Now I carry on serving the Lord as He asks of me and praying to touch as many lives with the Gospel as the Lord allows.
The Gospel is, Jesus the Son of God, Son of Man, fully God and fully man, came to earth which He created and was born to a virgin was Crucified for our sin and willingly died in our place on the Cross, was buried and was dead for three days, rose again as foretold by Moses and the Prophets on the third day (fulfilling all prophecies foretold of Him). He appeared to, talked with, broke bread and ate with His Apostles and disciples for 40 days then rose to Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God the Father and He will come again. To be Born Again you must believe He died for and will forgive your sin and you must accept His free gift because He will not force it upon you.
Confess your sin to Jesus and in faith ask Him to be your Savior and you will be Born Again. If you are Born Again remember your testimony and share it as Paul did, not to glorify yourself or your accomplishments because it is not about us. It is to lead others to Christ by explaining who we were before Jesus and what He did for us and the joy we have now because of Jesus. It is one of the most effective ways of sharing the Gospel of Jesus. God will use your "God story" to change lives around you and bring joy, peace, forgiveness and Love as He brings people to the foot of the Cross and Salvation.
Abba Father I pray for all who read Your story of Love and see themselves through Your eyes. I pray they will open their hearts to You and accept the free gift of Salvation Your Son Jesus the Christ has purchased for them. If they are in Christ Jesus there is no condemnation in them. Praise be to You the Living God. Fill them Abba with Your Holy Spirit, give them discernment, knowledge, understanding, faith, hope and abundant Love. Open their mouths to proclaim Your glory and may their lives bring praise and glory to You in all they say, think and do. In Jesus name, in union with Your Holy Spirit, I pray. Amen.

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