Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Commentary on my Life now

My Comments: I thought it was about time I spend time letting you know what the Lord is doing in my life and how He is using me. Because after all when we become a Child of God we are graced with doing Kingdom work. It really has not been that long since I penned a few lines before about where I was yet I felt this is a good time to take stock and let you know what life looks like now.
After my Hubby passed on the Lord had me move as I said before and I settled into fellowshipping and various Ministries within a wonderful body of believers. Though I did not understand why the Lord would move me here He has shown Himself faithful and true since I followed His urging to come here. The bonus for me is my Grandchildren and children who live close by. I get to see them now and again and even have some of my Grandchildren visit with me and that is a blessing from God.
When I am not at Church, the Library (like now), helping out or doing what needs to be done for myself or my family then I paint or even less now, write children's stories. When my youngest Daughter was little we would tell running stories night after night about Unicorns and other animals creatures. Some of the stories I write have to do with these little creatures but always there is a message in the story of our Lord. Mostly though my writing consists of this blog which the Lord gave me to give to all who take the time to read it and I thank Him for giving it and you for reading it. Comments are always welcome. Lol (for those who do not know this shortcut it mans Laugh out Loud, which I do often).
The paintings I do are usually scenery and always after the oil dries I add Scripture as that is what the Lord asks of me and has since He had me start painting about eight years ago. I pray you are busy with the Lord's work no matter what it is. We are to do the Lord's bidding and work with our whole heart even if our job is to clean the streets, raise our children, write books, work for someone else or we are self-employed, it does not matter. Everything we do we should do for the glory of God and to the best of our ability and with joy in our hearts.
Everywhere He places us is an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus and bring others into the family of God. The Mother who raises her children to love the Lord and know Him has done a wonderful work with the Lord. The man who sweeps the streets or drives a Taxi with joy shows the countenance of Jesus and maybe he will be able to share the Gospel with people he comes into contact with. When we work for someone and are always on time, eager to do more that asked, never complaining, cheerful and so forth, we show the face of Jesus and might be the only Word of the Lord a co-worker or Boss may ever see. When we serve an unbelieving spouse joyfully we may be the way for them to find Jesus and understand the Gospel. I could go on but you get the idea.
I once heard a story of a women (I will shorten it) who was married a very long time to a husband who drank all the time and went out to drink with buddies bringing them home late at night when the bars closed down only to have her get up and cook them a Meal.
She did so and graciously and with smiles. Never grumbling or refusing. This was amazing to me at the time because I was married too and I was sure I would not do as she did with out grumbling at the very least. I changed after I heard the rest of the story.
When she was serving the meal one morning with a smile on her face and humming a cheerful tune, one of the men who had often come home with her husband asked, "Every morning we come home with your Husband, you get up, make a meal, serve it with a smile and are always cheerful, Why?"
She answered, "Because I may only have twenty years to love on him as I know where I am going when I die but I do not know where he is going."
Her husband and most of the men sitting at the table, because of her living witness and love, were converted. God loves a cheerful giver that gives for the glory of God.
That story helped me change my attitude years ago. I hope it speaks to some of you as well. You and I may never see the conversion of the person we show the joy of working for or with, but we are not to love just those we think will come to accept Jesus' Sacrifice of His blood on the Cross for our sin and His Resurrection from the Dead so we may live forever. We are to love everyone and treat them lovingly and to do it joyfully as for Christ Jesus our King.
It is not about looking for the thing that will get us more praise or adulation. It is not about getting compliments for doing something for others. It is not about pleasing others. It is all about our Abba Father and giving Him glory. Jesus in the Garden prayed asking the Father to take the cup from Him if it were possible and then said, "Not my will be done." The He allowed the guards to arrest him, allowed people to lie about him, allowed people to beat, whip, tear His skin and muscle, allowed them to mock Him, allowed them to hang Him on a Cross and willingly died for us the most painful of deaths. Why? Because He loved us and did not want any to perish. The women in the story I told, did not want her Husband to perish but unlike Christ she could not do anything to save Him. But like Christ she could do what she had to do joyfully and willingly. The Father used the Crucifixion of Christ His Son to save us. Can we do less?
So though tired I will joyfully do whatever the Lord allows me to do for increasing the Kingdom by loving on others, writing this blog, posting His Word. painting Scripture Art, taking care of my Grandchildren (29 and counting and 11 Great Grandchildren and 2 more coming this year), cleaning the Church or helping people in need anyway I may, and now applying to be a Foster Parent. Yep, at 67 the Lord has laid on my heart the desire to help parents and children in a different way than I have in the past. Keep me in your prayers as I go into this new phase of my life working for the Lord (He still has me doing the blog so that will not be changing).
May you all seek what He has for you to do and then do it joyfully unto the Lord. If you are unsure than whatever you find yourself doing, washing cloths, working on cars, building, cooking, working, do it for the Lord and joyfully.
Abba Father, we give all praise and glory to You who loves us more than we will ever comprehend. Thank You for the work You have given each of us to do and we pray You will show us through Your Holy Spirit how to do it with joy and thanksgiving for Your glory and in the name of Jesus so all will come to know and love You and one day be with You in Heaven and the New Earth. In Jesus name in union with the Holy Spirit I pray, Amen.

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