Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just an update on my walk with Abba Father

Hi my beloved friends,
I just thought it might be good to add a few words of where I am in my walk with Abba Father since my sweetheart and hubby went home to be with our Lord.
Last year about this same time I had the two partial knee surgeries and while recovering for the first month in a care center, the Lord used me to help keep a lady in my room alive three different times. It is wonderful the way the Lord uses everything in our lives to glorify Him.
Then I came back home to my new rental and became a part of the body of a wonderful church worshiping and serving our Lord God. I used to work with young children and adults in abused and family situations. Now I am volunteering in the 5th and 6th grade room once a month and fellowshipping with parents who have small children while sharing the wisdom God has given me. What a blessing.
Our Lord let me know I was being sent to "Darkest Africa" (no not the real Africa but very dark) and that I would be ministering to my family who are mostly not saved. This is what I have been doing for the last year.
I have an older daughter who has moved in with me and we are trying to find her employment while working on a closer relationship in the Lord with her. I have two of my sons and their families who live close and now am blessed to take several of the Grandchildren to church with me on Sunday's so they also stay overnight on Saturdays which is a wonderful blessing for me.
Well, beloveds this is where I am for now and it will be exciting to see where the Lord directs my path in the coming year. I pray He is working in your lives to grow and strengthen your walk with Him. Remember adversity will bring us closer to Him. Turn to Him first before doing anything. Many mistakenly think that God helps those who help themselves and this could not be further from the truth and is not Biblical.
Our Lord shows us in the Old and New Testament that He wants us to ask Him first not when it gets too tough and we have tried all we can. You have financial trials and you go to the bank for a loan, right? NO!!! You go in pray to the Lord. Seek ye first His guidance and strength. Lean not on your own understanding. Fear not. Do you remember these words? Good. No matter what the situation, lust, tendency to lie or steal, gossip, lost job, no job, spouse leaves, child passes on.... It does not matter. Turn to Jesus and He will be there for you. He will not take it away all the time but He will go through it and give you His guidance through His Holy Spirit and His strength and always His loving embrace to comfort you.
Abba Father, I lift my heart and hands to You who created the Universe and us. I seek You guidance and advice for our lives and our walk with You. May all we do glorify You and bring others to know, love and serve You and in Your name. Help us always to go to You first in everything. Help us to seek Your counsel, wisdom and understand in all situations and to rely on You at all times. In Jesus name, Amen

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