Sunday, October 28, 2012

Abba hears our prayers

Abba hears our prayers, Psalms 4:1

Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer! (Psalm 4:1)

Classic Commentary

This is another instance of David's common habit of pleading past mercies as a ground for present favor. Here he reviews his Ebenezers [his reminders of God's faithfulness] and takes comfort from them. It is not to be imagined that he who has helped us in six troubles will leave us in the seventh. God does nothing by halves, and he will never cease to help us until we cease to need. The manna shall fall every morning until we cross the Jordan.

David speaks first to God and then to men. Surely we should all speak the more boldly to men if we had more constant conversations with God. He who dares to face his Maker will not tremble before the sons of men.

"God of my righteousness," deserves notice, since it is not used in any other part of Scripture. It means, "You are the author, the witness, the maintainer, the judge, and the rewarder of my righteousness; to you I appeal from the false charges and harsh judgments of men." Herein is wisdom; let us imitate it and always take our case, not to the petty courts of human opinion, but into the superior court, the King's Bench of heaven.

(Adapted from Charles Spurgeon's The Treasury of David.)

A Thought to Keep

When you are surrounded by trouble, first look back to God's faithfulness in the past. Then, remember that He is your just judge and protector.
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My Comments: This passage is comforting to those of us who have accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ as true and received the free gift He has given us through the Cross. His grace has saved us and we are reborn. My hope and prayers is all who follow this blog or hear about Jesus will accept this free gift of grace He our Lord God has obtained once and for all for everyone when He willingly went to the Cross and became sin for us.
It is free. There is nothing we can do to have this gift, just accept it and let Him take care of us. I have friends who are missionaries who are experiencing tribulations that are troubling their little ones and even their marriage. Satan roars like a lion around those who are God's adopted children and he likes to make life uncomfortable for us. My husband finished his life here and has passed on to glory yet I and our family must go on here witout him. Though I know the Lord will take care of me and my friends family as long as we remain true to Him who paid the price for us.
In the Bible there are many verses that speak to the power of God and His wanting to take care of His own. He is always there and He will always hear out prayers and when He takes care of the situation it will be the right time and to the best for everyone. We need to keep praying and listening to Him and be willing to trust Him and live out our faith.
I truly feel blessed to be used of our Lord Jesus Christ and have God as my Father who loves me so much and keeps me under His wing and in the palm of His hand. That is the only place I am safe. In Him and He in me. I praise Him for His gift of life and His helping me to grow as I live this life He has blessed me with.
Abba thank You for the lessons You have allowed me to learn and I pray You will give me discernment and guidance as I go through these lessons and growth. Help all who know You to live their lives to honor and glorify You in all they say, think and do. You are righteous and true and we pray You will hear our prayers and grant we will be given what we need to live our lives in praise of You. May our lessons of life help others and bring them in a right relationship with You. I praise You and glorify You most Holy God, In Jesus' precious name, Amen

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