Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear Friends,
I just wanted to touch bases with you about my challenges and the reasons for not keeping us with the blog more fluidly.
With my husbands illness progressing and my time being his, it has not always given me the time to attend to this blog as I should have and I want you to know it is not because I feel less inclined to share what the Lord is teaching me through His word and my life.
I am learning many things through this journey with my husband and the Lord. Patience and controlling my mouth being two of the foremost. You see the illness causes toxins to be in his brain and he doesn't always function well and I have had to learn and am still learning when it is him and when it isn't when he behaves in a certain manner. And to let God attend to my mouth no matter what the reasons. I know God wants me to rely on Him more and not on my own strength.
I believe God allows circumstances in our lives and special people as well to help us grow in the areas where we need growth to be all we can be to bring Him glory and praise. He always gives us the strength if we will only take it and use it for His glory.
I have had many challenges in my life. Polio at 3, raped and molestations, loss of family members (Grandparents, parents and step-parents, friends and other relations as well as two children and a Grandson), divorce, children who were into the worldly life styles and beliefs and believing the lies of the world. My life went down many roads I wish I had not gone on yet I have used them to grow and I use the challenges of my present life to grow as well and to bring glory and praise to God the Father who gives me everything. The best I have received is life eternal.
Abba Father thank You for so many challenges and for always being there with me as I go through them. I am heartily sorry when I fall down and do not come through those challenges bringing you glory. May I always rely on You Abba and not myself for the strength and direction I need. Show me how You want me to live my life for You and let me be a help to others by how I live my life for You. Amen
Thank you all for taking this journey with me.

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