Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Love and Forgiveness

Acts 28:2
"And the natives showed us unusual kindness; for they kindled a fire and made us all welcome, because of the rain that was falling and because of the cold."
1 John 4:20 "If someone says, "I love God," but hates a Christian brother or sister, that person is a liar; for if we don't love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we have not seen?" NLT
My Comments: These two verses go along with yesterdays post as you can see yet one seems to be about the body of believers and one about those who yet do not know the Lord Jesus as their Savior. Not so.
How can we as believers say we “Love” as Christ loved us? How can we truly show the face of Jesus?  We can not if we do not love all people whether of the Body or not. If a non believer can show more kindness then that should show us we need to evaluate our walk with Jesus the Messiah. If we have truly accepted Jesus as our Savior then our loving kindness should be greater than those who have not accepted Him.
Christ Jesus had no part of hate or anger unless someone was making a mockery of God the Father, His Father, like when He flogged the money changers in the Temple. That was justified anger but not hate. Even when people flogged Him, pushed the long thorns of the Crown of Thorns, into His scalp, or hung Him on the Cross, He did not hate and He was not angry with them. In fact He asked His Father to, “Forgive them they know not what they do.” When someone wrongs us for our faith in God we are to love them and forgive them because they do not know what they do. If we see a stranger suffering as Paul was doing what are we to do?
We are to be loving and kind and extend a helping hand without judgment or gossip. In point of fact we should do this even with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. If we find wrong words or wrong thinking in ourselves we need to drop to our knees and confess to God our wrong and ask for His heart and words not our own because ours are wicked indeed and His is pure and loving. If we are wronged and cannot forgive then we are holding on to pride of self. Even Jesus the Son of God did not have unforgiveness for those who wronged Him and He is the God who created the Universe. If He could and can forgive ask yourself, “Am I God that I can hold onto unforgiveness when the God of the Universe our Creator, does not?” How can we say we love God if we do not love those He created and has died for?
Loved ones ask God to fill you with His love and His mercy and His forgiveness and He will. You have not because you ask not. Ask with faith and trust and He will fill you with His love and His mercy for others whether they are believers or your Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. John said the greatest of these is Love. It is the greatest gift we can pray for. Love covers a multitude of sins and wrongs. Love forgives. Seek the Love of Jesus for the world and He will fill you so you may show His love to the world.
Abba Father, fill us with Your love and forgiveness. Help us to have Your heart for all people. Help us to extend Your loving hand to all that others will see the face of Jesus in us and hear His voice through us.
Jesus, You were tortured and Crucified and still loved and forgave those who did. Fill us with Your love and help us to forgive with the love You forgave those who tortured You.
Holy Spirit, cleanse us of pride that keep the love of Jesus in our hearts. Guide our every thought, word and deed so we will become more and more like our Savior the Lamb of God, Jesus. As Jesus continually turned to His Father, continually turn us to Abba Father.
In the name of Jesus with the Holy Spirit I pray. Amen.


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