Friday, October 4, 2013

Some names of God

The God of Heaven and Earth, the Creator of everything has many names. Some names people have given to Him and some names He has given Himself. I thought I would give some of these and encourage you to search out the Scriptures for more. You could also look up in a concordance or a Greek/Hebrew Bible what His names mean in Greek and Hebrew. These are but a few of the names in the Word of God for God.

In Genesis 2, 3 and many other places He is called or calls Himself the Lord, Lord God or I am the Lord God (Exodus 6:2, 7, 8).

In Genesis 17:1 The Lord appeared to Abram who became Abraham and told him, “ I am God Almighty; Walk before Me and be blameless…” The rendering of this is really Almighty One.

In many places God is called The Most High God or the Most High (Psalm 83:18, Daniel 4:24, 5:18, 21). And it really translates The Possessor of Heaven and Earth (Genesis 14:18-22) or The Strong One or Almighty as in Numbers 24:16, Isaiah 13:6) God Almighty or Almighty as in Exodus 6:3, Revelation 1:8, 21:22.

He is called Lord of hosts or Lord God of hosts (Isaiah 13:4) as in Psalm 84:1, 3, 8, Isaiah 44:6 which can be translated Jehovah the Most High.

In Leviticus 11:44, God says of Himself, I am the Lord your God… be holy, for I am Holy (and :45, 19:2, 3, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 25, 28, 30, 31, 32, 34, 36, 37 and on throughout Leviticus and other places which shows God places great value on His name). And I Am the Lord, your Holy One (Isaiah 43:15 here He also calls Himself, “The Creator of Israel, your King.” Lord God,( Isaiah 12:2, Revelation 21:22, 22:5); Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 43:14, 12:2).

God Himself said, “IAM WHO I AM; …” and … “I AM…” and in this chapter He refers to Himself as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.

Father or Eternal Father (Deuteronomy 32:6, Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 6:4, 9, 7:21, 26:29, Mark 8:38, John 1:14, 8:18, 10:30, Ephesians 4:6).

He calls Himself Rock (Deuteronomy 32:15, Isaiah 26:4, 41:14, 44:8, 63:16, Jeremiah 50:34) and Jesus is referred to as the stone and Chief Corner Stone (Mark 12:10).

The Lord your Redeemer (Psalm 19:14).

Jesus said, I am… (John 8:58, John 8:58, 13:19) and The Son of Man (Mark 8:31, 14:62, John 8:28, John 9:35) and because He referred to Himself as I am the Priests tore their robes because they understood what He was calling Himself.  The name "I Am" had always been the special name of God. Peter had just asked Him if He was the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One. And Pilate asked if He was the King of the Jews (Christ affirmed it).
Jesus calls Himself the Son of God (Matthew 27:43).

Jesus said, “I am He who testifies… John 8:18.
Jesus goes by more names:

Light, Light of the World and Light of Life (John 8:12, 12:35, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 5:8, 1John 1:7) .

Alpha and the Omega, Revelation 1:8, 21:6, 22:13.

The first and the last, Revelation 1:17, 22:13.

The living One (Revelation 1:18).

The beginning and the end (Revelation 21:6, 22:13).

Lamb ( Revelation 21:22, 22:1, 3).
Then we come to the third person in the One True God or the third person of the Holy Trinity:
Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19, 2, Corinthians 13:14).
Helper, Spirit of Truth (John 14:16/17, 26)
Giver of Gifts (1Corinthians 12:8-11).

When we look at the many names of God and what He is called by people and what He calls Himself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit then we start to get a bigger picture of His attributes and why there is nothing He can not do for us. He created the Earth, Universe, Cosmos and as many as there may be. He created us. Every molecule is a testament of His creative abilities. When I see a baby or a sunrise, look at the leaves sprouting forth on the boughs of a tree in spring time, watch the waves roll in on the sea shore, hear the flutter of the wings of a Hummingbird or the cry of an Eagle miles above the earth then I am astounded at some of the things the Lord has done. When I consider Jesus died for my sin and rose on the third day from the grave so I might have life eternal with Him I am humbled for I know not I or anyone else could have done what he did. When I consider God the Almighty gave the world not one but many chances to turn to Him follow Him I am shamed at the times I did not and rejoice for the time I did that brought me into Righteousness for His glory.

God created us, He nurtured us, He called to us and Redeemed us and someday He will come again to bring us up to Him and we who Believe in Him will rule with Him on the New Earth. We will not become gods nor will we be equal with Jesus but we are adopted into the family of God and will rule under Jesus.

Abba Father thank You for loving us so much You sent Your only Son to die in our place so we could become Children of God if we so choose to accept the free gift of Redemption Jesus the Christ obtained for us on the Cross of Calvary.

Thank You Jesus for loving us so much You willingly allowed Yourself to be Crucified for my sin and the sin of the whole world past, present and future until You come again to Judge the Living and the Dead. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to guide, instruct and comfort us as we go through the things our Father allows and thank You for going through them with us.

Thank You Holy Spirit for trying so hard to get our attention when we were lost in sin. And for working so hard in us to make us Holy as God the Father is Holy. Thank You for all the times You have patiently waited as we got it together and realized what You were trying to teach us and how You were using us to teach others as well.

We praise You Father, Son and Holy Spirit and glorify Your Holy Name. In Jesus Name we pray for our Loved Ones and commend them into Your Hand. Amen.



  1. Technically, Jehova is a derivitive of JHWH, the literal name of G-d. This is the only word in modern Hebrew without vowels, because it is seen as blasphemy to call god by his full name. This is what sent Lilith into the pits of Hell (see Jewish folklore for that one). To call G-d by this name is the equivalent of using someone's full name, first-middle-last. It's seen as disrespect to do so to those above you (and who would be higher than the Most High?) For this reason, instead of reading the phonetics for the name of G-d, those following Judaism will replace YHWH with Adonais. Adonais is the plural form of Adon, which translates to "lord", "Lord", "master", and "owner". Therefor, the name Adonais is an acknowledgement of the trinity, as well as the duality of masculine and feminine, within the eternal G-d; additionally, as the term is used as a proper noun, all definitions apply to the holder of the name (Lord of lords; Father, relating to being a master of the home and family; Possessor of Heaven and Earth, relating to Owner).

  2. Yes, Kevin the Jewish people do as you say yet though our roots began in the Jewish nation our Lord is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and He is one and is not a female and Lilith is not in the Bible and I am not including folklore here and know her also to be used in Pagan religions as well. I hope that helps clarify the confusion. Thank you for your input. Be blessed.